Ultimate Slim Complete it’s a newly introduced weight loss regime which his owned and distributed by the Pharmaceutical Company, Great American Health.

Ultimate Slim Complete

Stephan Karian founded this company and today it offers a wide variety of supplements which includes prostate supplements, HGH, Arthritis supplements, Arthritis supplements and others.

However, Ultimate Slim remains the flagship product of this brand. As said, it comes with an impressive formula which mainly consists of green coffee bean’s chlorogenic acid.

The company guarantees that users will enjoy great results with this product and claims the following benefits:

  • It boosts both energy and metabolism
  • Burns calories and fat
  • Suppresses your appetite
  • Improves your focal and physical performance
  • It provides powerful antioxidants

The story doesn’t end here; the company claims that chlorogenic acid is what makes this product different from everything else on the market.

It said to boost 5- CQA to total CGA ratio of 0.2-0.3. This small difference is all due to the presence of chlorogenic acid.


  • Ultimate Slim Complete is yet another regime which promises you the world but delivers nothing.
  • The formulae are praised on the official website, but there is not any supportive data to prove it.
  • So in the end, it will deliver you nothing but some side effects you were not expecting. Not to mention the added amount of caffeine will be a further headache for you.

It will create difficulties for you to maintain your daily routine, so our advice, you best avoid this product at all.

How Ultimate Slim Complete works?

The official website of Ultimate Slim Complete offers some clinical studies of how the main ingredients work to help you lose weight.

For starters, Chlorogenic acid improves the cafeoylquinic ratio. In this case, the glucose levels will get less support for being a part of your diet.

This shows that Ultimate Slim Complete is formulated to standard chlorogenic acid ratio. In addition, this supplement is said to be better than Placebo.

It promotes weight loss as it improves the weight management of the body. It effectively supports the healthy release of glucose from the meals into the bloodstream.

It also includes Garcinia Cambogia and Raspberry ketones which are the most famous weight loss agent known today.

In addition, it also contains caffeine which boosts metabolic and energy levels. Adding up, Ultimate Slim Complete also packs polyphenols and EGCG from the green tea extracts.

These are antioxidants which can help protect your body from the free radical damage. This slows down aging, improves skin health and immune system.

Is it Perfectly Safe?

The main ingredient is decaffeinated, which promises safety. However Ultimate Slim Complete has separate caffeine content which includes stimulants from other ingredients because this product is focused only on the green coffee bean, it doesn’t support other compounds.

The ultimate slim has less caffeine but still it’s not safe from triggering some jittery side effects.

As for the testimonials, all mentioned on the official website are unbiased. Yes, there are no clinical proves of the claims made about it.

Ultimate Slim Complete




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