Page updated on 12/30/2015 including top diet pills “Approved” that meet our Review Criteria.

Diet pills are a popular way of losing weight, but it is difficult to decide which of these is likely to give the desired results.

Since these are ingested there can be adverse side effects as well. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a list of desirable characteristics and evaluate each brand of diet pills against such criteria.

The following review criteria will help to approve or disapprove diet pills:

  • 1. There are quality standards for diet pills

Most diet pill users are not aware of this fact. In the US, apart from the FDA, there are three other quality standards for such pills.

These are the ISO 9001, GMP, and BRC. The pills should be compliant with at least one of these standards to be safe for human consumption.

These standards are acceptable in many other countries as well. Therefore, such approvals are the first thing to look for. Note that it does not mean that only if the pills are approved by one or more of these standards organizations then they are safe.

There are other standards too, such as ISO 14000. But it is safer to look for well-known standards such as GMP, ISO 9001, or BRC.

Many pill manufacturers go so far as getting the approval of more than one of such standards, which inspires confidence in the product’s safety and effectiveness. Note that such compliance is necessary even if the pills only have herbal content.

It is also necessary to understand the nature of compliance.

  • 2. Is there a diet plan or is the pill compatible with any of the popular diet plans?

Diet pills are relatively mild. Their properties are either brought to the fore by diet plans, or they serve as catalysts with diet plans.

Obviously, they are not effectively independent and can only become supplements. But leaving it to the consumer to decide which diet plan can give best results with the diet pills is not such a good policy.

The pill’s manufacturer should either develop a diet plan or study the impact of the pill for weight reduction in conjunction with different diet plans, so as to be able to recommend a particular diet along with the diet pills.

  • 3. There should be a money back guarantee

If there is a money back guarantee it proves that the manufacturer is confident about the diet pills that are being sold. The shorter the period for such trial, the better. Usually, a 30 day period is considered ideal.

  • 4. Contents and ingredients in the pill must be mentioned

When ingredients and their ratios are mentioned, it is easy for a person to verify on the Internet the effect of such ingredients, and any possible side effects.

Some people may also be allergic to certain ingredients or may be using other medications for some other health problems, which can lead to wrong reactions with the diet pill.

It is, therefore, necessary to check the contents, and read about their interactions with ingredients in any other medication that is already being taken. Diet pills that tend to hide such data should not be approved.

  • 5. There should be no interlinking of the trial purchase and monthly purchases

Many diet pill manufacturers astutely link the monthly purchases to the trial purchase. This auto billing makes it difficult for the consumer to stop buying the diet pills from such manufacturer.

Therefore, it is necessary to read such conditions and confirm whether or not such restrictive clauses are included in any purchase order.

  • 6. Manufacturer’s name and address should be available

Such details can then be confirmed on the Internet. The authentic nature of the pills and the manufacturer’s intent can be discerned from the availability of such information.

  • 7. Reading information about any side effects

Ideally, the manufacturer should warn about what could be the side effects from the diet pills and the diet plan.

But in the absence of it, the buyer or anybody reviewing such product, should check online for any side effects from the specific pill, and give due weight to such facts.

  • 8. The length of time the product has been on the market

Many diet pills disappear from the market simply because there are not enough buyers, or they are not that effective. The longer the product has been on the market, the more are its chances of being effective, though effectiveness varies from person to person.


Buying diet pills is not as innocuous a task as it seems. People do need to exercise some caution while purchasing them. Many websites list diet pills based on some criteria such as those discussed. Reading reviews of diet pills is always advisable before ordering them. A well-informed choice is a must in this case.