So you made it! You’re over the hill now at age 50 and it seems as though you’re carrying around a spare tire or two. The cute little pouch you once had is now fully grown and well, you’re thinking it’s not so cute anymore.

In that case, are you thinking about losing the extra weight? Well, as we all know, it’s much harder to get rid of fat once we reach a certain age and at age 50, fat hangs around everywhere! It’s around your stomach, hips, thighs, back, and arms.

Some suggest using Slim Over 50 to conquer this cantankerous condition

Slim Over 50 is a diet pill that targets people 50 and over who are overweight or obese. The pill is supposed to blend a bunch of spellbinding ingredients together so that losing weight will be effortless.

The promise is that you will lose weight, about 5-7 pounds a week, without the risk and without stimulants.

slim over 50 diet pills

Many people who are attempting to shed pounds are possibly suffering with other health issues relating to being overweight.

Losing weight, they believe, will help to eliminate some of the complications or side effects that come along with being large. They are likely correct in thinking this way.

Gaining weight is normal throughout the years, especially for women. As we get older, we are not as active as we were in our twinkling twenties or early thirty’s.

Truth be told, there are many reasons why we gain weight. One of them is that after a woman hits menopause, a little extra weight seems to be the norm as estrogen levels tend to decrease.

The older body doesn’t perform the way it used to… muscle growth seems to decline as well. What happens after that is fat takes over and this causes us to not to have as much energy as when we were younger.

However, taking weight loss supplements and pills will help take the weight off, along with the proper diet and exercise.

For many dieters, just taking weight loss pills will not suffice. You must eat right, drink plenty of water and engage in a routine of exercising.

When it comes to losing weight and keeping it off, you will need to change your lifestyle.

Nonetheless, you should consult with your healthcare physician before beginning a new diet plan. You want to get the green light from your doctor before you buy any new diet pill or begin working out.

Your doctor is qualified to subscribe a regime for you. Be sure to ask him or her about Slim Over 50.

What Is Slim Over 50?

Slim Over 50 is a product offered by Wellmed, LLC, which is a pharmaceutical company that distributes and produces a variety of health related supplements. (Don’t confuse Wellmed with WellMed as it’s not the same.)

The name, Slim Over 50, implies that it specifically targets an older group of people. Slim Over 50 claims that it will help you lose weight and fast.

Being overweight has many risks attached to it… you are likely to have a stroke, heart disease, diabetes, or cancer.

These are all very serious illnesses and being overweight simply contributes to ill health.

In efforts to live longer, you make the decision to trim down and live a healthy lifestyle. You turn to Slim Over 50 to help you overcome any harmful effects of being 50 and obese or overweight, but does Slim Over 50 really work the way they say it does?

Some of the projected benefits of using this product consist of

  • Increased energy and metabolism
  • Burns stubborn fat deposits
  • Reduces hunger
  • Promotes muscle retention

Even if you think you can’t lose weight, Slim Over 50 promises that you will lose 5-7 pounds a week which is more than the suggested loss of only 2 pounds per week.

Could they have exaggerated the truth just a little bit? If you are thinking that this is too good to be true… you could be right. Let’s look at what’s in Slim Over 50.

The Ingredients in Slim Over 50

If you do the research as I have, you can’t find much information about Slim Over 50 so you are left to come to your own personal evaluation of the product.

The ingredients are listed on the packing and they are visible on the website, however, there’s one thing wrong with the picture or label, in this case.

The dosage of each ingredient is somewhat of a secret. The amounts of each ingredient are nowhere to be found, which raises a red flag.

They assert that each of the ingredients in the formula has been proven to work effectively for weight loss. The list includes –

  • Niacin – lowers cholesterol
  • Vitamin B6 – regulates thyroid
  • Pantothenic acid – helps to process junk foods
  • Iodine – rejuvenates the thyroid
  • Hoodia – appetite suppressant
  • Yerba mate – burns fat (thermogenesis)
  • Chromium – for lean muscle
  • Cocoa extract – reduces hunger
  • Nopalactin (Nopal Cactus) – for feeling full
  • Green Orange Citrus Aurantium – stimulant (no side effects)
  • Garcina Cambogia – burns fat and reduces appetite
  • Tyrosine – increased metabolism
  • Green tea extract – fat burner
  • Black pepper extract – calorie burner

The directions say that you should take 1-2 capsule 3 times a day with water at least 30 minutes before eating.

There seems to be some discrepancy in the list of ingredients. Diet Pills Watchdog argues that Citrus Aurantium causes side effects that can be dangerous.

It could increase the heart rate and have an impact on your blood pressure even in “healthy” people.

Yerba mate and Tyrosine have stimulating effects and according to Unilever, a pharmaceutical testing facility, Hoodia does not have any weight loss properties at all and it has repercussions as well.

What it boils down to is this – there’s no evidence that Slim Over 50 works, whether you’re 35, 45 or 55.

Many weight loss pills are available over the counter, but not all are examined by the FDA or any reputable source.

Remember this: Any ingredient can be bad for you if the amounts are perilously high and it won’t be effective if it’s not enough of it.

Read your labels before purchasing and do your research!

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    adietpillthatworks says:

    There exist several longstanding ingredients that are tried and true in terms of supporting weight loss. Be sure to stay away from products that contain ephedra, sibutramine or fenfluramine, which are ingredients banned by the FDA for use in supplements.


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