Are you tired of being overweight?  Do you need an appetite suppressant that will work?  Are you tired of spending your money on products and supplements that simply do not work? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then you should try Slim FX.

It’s manufactured by the people at Athletic Xtreme.  Chances are this is the supplement you are searching for.

You’ve decided to make a change in your life and this time, you know it will happen.  You just need the right tools to do it with.
slim fx Athletic Xtreme
Slim FX will give you the diet support you need.  We want you to reach your weight loss goals.  Slim FX was designed with you in mind.

We know what a struggle it is to shed those unwanted pounds.

It’s extremely hard and that’s why Slim FX has included ingredients that last for 12 hours.  It goes as long as you do.

Oh sure, there are a lot of products that want you to believe in them… claiming that they can make you lose up to 5-10 pounds a week.

Besides the fact that isn’t’ healthy for you, it almost impossible to do without starving yourself.

Stay away from the manufacturers who make those claims.  Keep on reading to find out why you should be taking Slim FX.

Is Slim FX Safe to Use?

  • If you are sensitive to caffeine, I’d say it’s not at all the product for you. However, if you are a caffeine addict, then you will like Slim FX. I’d have to be honest and say, this is not for everyone.
  • You can feel jittery after taking Slim FX or even suffer from heart palpitations, become short of breath and experience other symptoms. While the list is not extremely long, there are reports of some having side effects from using Slim FX. Others are happy with the results, having lots of energy and reduced hunger.

What is Slim FX?

Obviously, it’s a diet pill that will help you lose weight and inches. It’s an energy boosting supplement and an appetite suppressant.

In addition, it also helps you balance out your hormones so you’re not so cranky while you’re trying to lose weight.
If you are like me and many others, we tend to get emotional and when we do, we look for things that comfort us.

Food is the number one choice for comfort for plenty of people, not just those who are overweight. Slim FX is caffeine-rich.
It’s normal for long-lasting stimulation and energy.

Incredibly, when you have more energy, you are likely to feel livelier and more cheerful. This is a plus to consuming Slim FX.

Some of the other benefits of taking Slim FX are because:

  • It fights hunger throughout the day
  • Eliminates mood swings
  • Increases energy levels
  • Increases metabolic rate
  • Weight loss supplement

The Ingredients in Slim FX

  • Timeless energy (12-hour caffeine)
  • DL-Phenylalanine
  • Beta-Phenethylamine HCI
  • Guaranine (1,3, 7, 8 – Tetramethylxanthine)
  • Griffonia Simplicifolia extract (standardized to 95%, 5 Hydroxy-I-tryptophan)
  • 1MeTIQ (1,2,3,4-Tetrahydroisoquinoline)
  • Rauwolscine HCI

slim fx fitnessLooking at the list of ingredients, it’s not hard to understand why anyone could be confused.
However, I do understand that Guaranine is a derivative of the Guarana plant and since it has the “xanthine” in it, it must contain caffeine.

I also know that caffeine fools the body into thinking that it has something to eat so, therefore, it suppresses the appetite. Overall, Slim FX is an effective product.

Before taking any dietary supplement, you should take a trial run first. Start by taking one capsule in the morning of the first day with a full glass of water.

If all went well, increase your units to two (2) capsules the next morning. But before you take both tablets at the same time, try taking the second one a few hours later. You’re still in the test period so easy does it. Also, while you are taking Slim FX, I would advise anyone to avoid other caffeine-containing products such as coffee and sodas.

It doesn’t matter if you take it on an empty stomach or a full one… What matters is that you take it. Avoid taking it at night, though. You could have problems sleeping if you take it late in the day due to the high caffeine content.

How Does it Work?

It depends on the ingredients which Slim FX uses in its compound.
It’s mainly stimulants and appetite suppressants, however. To reduce hunger spells, Slim FX uses a micro-encapsulation process that is unique.

This ensures that the compounds are being released throughout the day. It helps you from feeling as though you have “crashed.” As an appetite control mechanism, it reduces cravings and increases energy levels.

As a mood enhancer, Slim FX includes 1-MeTIQ in their formula.
This stimulant is directly related to regulating mood swings. It also gives you loads of energy so you don’t get tired easily. When you are tired is right about the time that food cravings set in to haunt you.

What to Expect While Using Slim FX

Slim FX is a time release pill when means you will get appetite control all day and increased mental alertness. When the cravings come, you are able to overcome the urge to snack.

Will it Work For You?

Considering the caffeine-richness of the product, I would say that you’ll have the energy to workout and fulfill your daily requirements. I strongly recommend that anyone using Slim FX take full advantage of the boost of energy and get in plenty of exercises. Exercising not only helps in weight loss, it helps to reduce stress so you can lose weight. Follow the instructions completely, eat a sensible diet and get your rest.

Controlling Mood Swings

The body is likely accustomed to carbohydrate-induced insulin rises and it could be hard to break away from this pattern. It’s the peaks that bring on the mood swings.

Additionally, when we are lounging on the couch or not being active, we are subject to want something to eat. Do you ever notice that when you’re bored, you want something to munch on or we become moody?

That’s why the makers of Slim FX put in the stimulant 1-MeTIQ… to ward off diet-related mood changes. It triggers your brain’s pleasure hormone called dopamine.

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