Almost everybody is aware that weight needs to be controlled so as to be able to enjoy a healthy life.

Diet control is obviously an important part of controlling weight. But controlling one’s diet is not always easy.

There is always that ‘just this once’ phenomenon that takes over when something delicious is placed before us.

Tomorrow often does not come for those “I will exercise tomorrow to burn those extra calories”. Diet pills have therefore become a solution to such lapses.

Diet pills are neither substitutes for exercises, nor are they capable of melting away the fat or replacing a meal.

These are pills that contain some ingredients which can disturb the process of fat accumulation in the body, control hunger, and even burn fat.

But this means that by ingesting them we are also at a risk. In any event, their effectiveness needs to be correlated with their costs and health benefits.

This is the reason such pills are reviewed. But what should be the criteria for reviewing diet pills? View our approved diet pills page.

Here is the list of review criteria for diet pills so that all diet pills are compared on the same criteria instead of highlighting some pros of one diet pill and highlighting cons of another diet pill.

They should be approved-Obviously, approval from some recognized government body or other health related authority is important.

Within such classification some of these bodies such as the FDA carry more weight.

List the pros and cons of the product-Develop a list of pros and cons about the product. Try to find as many cons as pros so as to get a balanced view about the product.

When a website tries to sell the product it naturally understates the cons. Therefore it becomes necessary to glean information from blogs and reviews from customers.

Claims and facts-Manufacturers of diet pills make claims and try to pass them as facts. Readers of reviews often get carried away and start believing claims as facts.

Therefore, reviews of diet pills should strictly differentiate between claims and facts, emphasizing claims to be just that, so that there is no delusion.

    • Ingredients criteria:

Manufacturers need to reveal the ingredients. In addition, they need to mention how such ingredients work, and why they are effective. The source of such information needs to be traced and the stated effect of the particular ingredient needs to be confirmed instead of taking the manufacturer’s word.

    • Side effects:

While the ingredients may be effective in reducing weight, they may also be harmful to health in another way. While reviewing the diet pill, it is advisable to check for side effects if any, from reliable sites such as WebMD or NCBI.

    • Clinical studies:

The words “clinical studies” always make a consumer feel happy because they believe some qualified person has subjected the product to specific tests and scientifically recorded the results. But clinical studies can be done by private organizations, and the test group may not be large enough to give sufficiently reliable results. In any review of diet pills, details of clinical studies should be added for a more reliable review.

    • Using diet pills:

The formula, ingredients and the percentage of such ingredients determine when the pills should be administered. There should be clear instructions on when the diet pills should be taken and how they should be taken, i.e., should they be taken with water or in combination with another formulation, etc. If these instructions are not available, the pill may not prove to be as effective as claimed in reducing weight.

    • Guarantee:

No review of diet pills is complete without the mention of guarantees and money back. Obviously, the name of the manufacturer and or retailer, and the way it needs to be sent back needs to be mentioned specifically.


Reviewing diet pills personally is essential because the reviews available online may not take into account specific conditions such as adverse side effects due to some of the ingredients.

But not many people know what to look for. Thus, a list of what to look for needs to be available to them.

Some manufacturers go so far as cleverly getting consumers to buy their product regularly.

A diet plan that is compatible with the diet pill also needs to be determined, and whether such diet plan is suitable to the person intending to lose weight also needs to be considered.

In general though, the above criteria serve the purpose.