RegeneSlim Appetite Control is a new diet regime introduced in the world of diet supplements. The question remains the same, how does it fair to its own claims? Let’s Find Out!

The official website says it has helped many people to lose successfully weight. It claims to boost weight loss by curbing appetite and controlling your calorie intake.

 The RegeneSlim Appetite Control also has a couple of other ingredients, most of them are not listed. Methylhexanamine is prominent, and FDA does not approve it for safe use. 

RegeneSlim Ingredients

RegeneSlim Weight lossThe makers of this product are boasting about two main ingredients, which are ChromeMate and Super Citrimax. Both them are explained below!

ChromeMate: This itself is a product, it contains the chemical element Chromium, a metal which is naturally found in some foods. It helps to improve the synthesis of Glycogen, improves cholesterol, Blood Sugar Production, Blood Pressure Levels, Curb Sugar Cravings and Much more All of this is purely anecdotal, none of it has been proven.

Super Citrimax: This is the other trademarked ingredient. According to the claims, the active component here is a Hydroxycitric acid which is well known for its weight loss effects.

The company also says that using Super Citrimax alone is three times more effective as dieting and exercising combined.

Fortunately, at least, one study has been performed on Hydroxycitric acid, the trial between a group using the acid and placebo group showed a difference in weight loss.

Comically, it was less than a kilo. Apart from that, the use of this acid has also resulted in many side effects. Most of them are gastrointestinal problems, skin rashes, colds, etc.

Adding up, the company also makes a surprising claim that this pill can be used without any changes in lifestyle. This seems quite fantasized because it is irresponsible.

Consider this, for someone whose lifestyle is all about sitting all day on a sofa and eating whatever he wants, and still lose all the Weight? Doesn’t this sound Absurd?

What People Have to Say About RegeneSlim?

The official website has some testimonials from its satisfied customers, every one of these reviews claims substantial success stories, “7 pounds in a week” and “ten pounds in two weeks,” sounds too good to be true!

Almost every one of these is unbiased. If you go to other portals, you will find the truth about what we did, there was a review which said that a user is suffering from skin rash because of using this product.

Maybe there is no link between the ailment and the product, but tests of Hydroxycitric acid have same tendencies. To help you understand this better, we are giving you the following benefits of RegeneSlim Appetite Control:


  • Promoted by Taylor Armstrong


  • Dubious Claims (No Lifestyle Changes Needed)
  • Expensive
  • No Evidence of Successful Trials
  • Can Cause Severe Side Effects
  • Made with Untested Methylhexaneamine


RegeneSlim Appetite Control will cost you $90 for a month. This makes it one of the most expensive diet supplement.

There is no firm evidence that suggests this product is safe and effective for weight loss.

There are many side effects reported by some users which are being overlooked at. These are the Flash warning signs you need to aware of.

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