We try to watch out for clever tricks that scammers use to sell us no good junk.
Speaking of which reminds us weight loss products. There are many bloody con artists that use fake email addresses and online portals to promote their good for nothing crap.

How we were fooled with Power Thin

Just a daily routine, we got a mail from an unknown party, we tidied up and opened the mail. The message had a link with a short message which said “Hi, Dr. Oz says Power Thin is excellent! Click on the link to know more”.

As any other person who is innocent of such fraudulent emails, we proved the idiot we were and clicked the link.

What we were directed was not a page but a website that was promoting the Power Thin Weight Loss supplement.

To be honest, we never gave a rat’s bottom about weight loss but seeing to the facts that we had a desk job, we were overweight and it was killing us.

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At the time, we had our minds upside down that we fell for fake endorsements about celebrities using Power Thin to lose weight and stay in shape.

Well, we were desperate at that time and it felt like the answer. It asked if we’re interested to use Power Thin and see if it works, we went straight in to try the very Magic weight loss miracle.

power thin scamTo any of you reading this, never try a weight loss product because mostly scammers hack in your email and even bank account if you are stupid enough to provide them with such details.

Well, we are that stupid and went right in the buy the product. It means the world to us. Before you judge us, we are giving you what made us fell for the ridiculous trap.

We Believed in what we: When you visit the official website of Power Thin, you will see the logo of many legitimate news organizations and reports suggested this so call medication is effective and useful.

These can be easily copied from the original website.

What the Power Thin Promised

As we remember it, Power Thin promised good body shape and health benefits. Guess what? We paid a piece of crap and lost our money.

After that, we followed the regime for 5 weeks and no avail. We failed to see any changes at all, our weight was exactly the same.

The pills were not working on any of us.

As heartbroken as we are disappointed, we bought another Dose of Power Thin, we were hopeful that it will make a difference but we were wrong.

There was nothing that the product brought to us except despair. Apart from not getting what we wanted, Power Thin did care to leave us with some side effects.

This was just we were missing. At least these pills did leave us with something that we will remember it by.

We had problems in our stomach for weeks but got it sorted out, no thanks to this overly promoted well for nothing weight loss product.

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