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Power Slim Pills

~ created by the company Acai Berry, is said to cause and backing coefficient weight loss in the body.
The main fixings in this matter are Acai Berry, which, as numerous people screw, is an appetite suppressing herbs. The accompany behindhand this increment claims that PowerSlim’s center foodstuff is the Acai Berry featured on an interest program aired on CNN.
They also verbalize that this affix contains the advisable quality Acai on the market and that apiece postscript contains Acai legally exported under the company’s CITES consent.

It appears that the only ingredient contained within this supplement is Acai Berry. If this product contains any other active ingredients, they are not currently listed online.


Acai Berry has prefab quite the scrap on the fasting manufacture. After this ingredient was determined to support strength levels and restrain hungriness, it was dead contained within hundreds of supplements on the market. What umteen fill may not bed is that acai is a works indigenous to Continent. It was only disclosed after Bushmen had been using it for years as a way to economist off desire and assignment during daylong labor trips.

The Acai Berry place resembles a microscopic cactus, and it takes geezerhood to fully matured. This has led to a deficiency in this being, and oftentimes it can be quite pricey for companies to get. This is why the makers of PowerSlim create a joint exertion to shew that their postscript contains the factual acai and the highest lineament author.

Power Slim Price

PowerSlim does not make a formal website at this example, but this creation can be purchased from diverse online stores. The example price of PowerSlim was vindicatory under $60, but some online retailers feature dropped this outlay. Power Slim is a powerful weight loss product that WORKS.

This product is not created for those who are only looking to lose a few measly pounds.

Power Slim Diet

was created for those who are SERIOUS about losing weight, and about achieving the amazing body that they want!

As you may know, Power Slim is one of the hottest and most effective Acai products available today. Due to this, we have a limited supply.

The Diet System is Cheating Everyone in America who is trying to lose weight!

First of all, they sell us millions and millions of dollars worth of prescription drugs, pills, diets, meal replacement shakes, etc., that are almost completely worthless. What’s more, they attempt to keep us from finding out about effective, cheap ways to lose weight, without spending a lot of money.

Have you been whipping yourself for being lazy, or not have enough willpower, or anything along those lines? Then it is about time you gave yourself a break! That doesn’t mean that you should just shrug it off, and roll over in defeat, by justifying your weight, and saying it ‘runs in the family’, or that you are just ‘big boned’. You could be laughing at your weight problems, and making it a thing of the past, and enjoying the sort of beautiful, slim, stunning body you’ve always wanted… if you follow this simple system!

If you want to get healthy, lose weight, increase your energy and get back into your favorite jeans, this 400-year-old weight loss secret is the way to do it!

And best of all, this fast effective weight loss solution was designed with you in mind.

After years of intensive research, and tens of thousands of dollars later, here is what many people are saying to be.

The Most Powerful Fat-Fighting formula in the entire world.

Power Slim – Fast Weight Loss that Works! Is a breakthrough new formula that combines the scientific research of the West with the amazing antioxidant power of the Acai Berry.

The average weight loss was between 12.54 and 14.99 pounds with key ingredients (Garcinia cambogia extract, polynicotinate, Gymnema Sylvestre extract, Hawaiian Noni extract, Resveratrol extract Green Tea extract) in Power Slim vs. just between 3.06 and 3.53 pounds with a placebo in two separate 8-week clinical studies. Both groups followed a sensible diet and exercise program.

That means that the key ingredients in Power Slim were found to help cause 450% MORE WEIGHT LOSS than dieting and exercising alone will get you.

Power Slim naturally also includes pure concentrated Acai extract, which has been used for years throughout the Brazilian rain forests as a premium natural energy supplement, and not only boosts energy but has been known to help in the bedroom!

What’s the Hype with Acai?

ACAI could very well be the most exciting and beneficial fruit on this planet! Right now you can try it with a 100% Satisfaction guarantee!

The Benefits of Acai are simply amazing!

More about the ingredients!
ACAI Berries could well be the most exciting and beneficial fruit on this planet! Right now, you can try Power Slim with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Power Slim comes packed full with goodness and beneficial extracts – the benefits are simply amazing!
– Acai, Hawaiian Noni, Resveratrol and Green Tea in 30 magic capsules!
About Acai

Our Acai extract is the most potent and pure form of Acai. We have spent months perfecting the best possible way to extract the fully loaded benefits of Acai into the healthiest form of Acai extract available. The acai berry is a high energy berry that comes from a special palm tree from the rainforests of Brazil. It’s loaded with antioxidants. It’s believed to have substantially more antioxidants than red grapes, blueberries, and other fruits. Acai berries have been called a “superfood,” nature’s most perfect food, one of the healthiest foods on the planet and a miracle berry.

About Hawaiian Noni

Recent research has proven that the most promising use of Noni lies in Noni extract. The vital nutrients contained in pure Hawaiian Noni extract will not only strengthen your immune system, give you energy and improve your propensity to heal, but there is mounting scientific evidence that suggests that Hawaiian Noni may be an effective treatment for more serious conditions such as hypertension, blood sugar issues, and even free radicals.

About Resveratrol

Extensive research from all over the globe continues to accumulate about the benefits of this interesting compound. Studies show that resveratrol is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-infective, and it activates the longevity gene. Recent laboratory studies indicate that resveratrol has promising therapeutic activity in various cancers, including breast, prostate, and neuroblastoma. As to its anti-aging potential, resveratrol activates a cell’s survival defense enzyme, which prolongs the time cells have to repair their broken DNA.

About Green Tea

Green tea or, more accurately, the polyphenols in green tea, appear to activate our bodies’ “thermogenic activity,” promoting the use of calories as energy and thus is an intense and powerful fat burner. These all-important polyphenols in green tea also appear to help produce “natural viral killer” immune cells, which scavenge and fight off bacteria and flush out toxins, which basically means it may protect our bodies from the free radicals that damage cells and weaken our immune systems.

A recent report by the Wall Street Journal about the Acai Berry Phenomenon: “At juice bars and health stores around the country, the hip new taste is acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) a grape-sized, deep-purple berry that grows atop palm trees in the Brazilian jungle.”
Summer Redstone, the 84-year-old legend in charge of CBS and Viacom talked recently on his flagship CNN about his devotion to Acai Berry. I have more energy, quit taking sleeping pills, and feel like I’m 40 years old. “Just about every friend I have is on it.”
“There’s a miracle berry that can help you live longer and healthier and chances are you’ve never heard of it. It’s called acai and it could help you ward off cancer, protect your heart, even prevent Alzheimer’s disease, according to some research.”

There is a special berry that comes from an Amazon palm tree that is harvested in the rainforests of Brazil, which tastes like a blend of berries and chocolate.

Although you’ve likely never heard of the acai berry, it is quickly gaining in popularity (having been recently featured on ABC, CNN, Fox News, CBS News) since the world famous doctor and best selling author, Dr. Nicholas Perricone, voted it the number one superfood available anywhere on the planet. This product is a natural powerhouse of goodness. And it’s not only said to help you lose weight but to stay healthier and enjoy more energy too.


And after years of scientific research, this ACAI Berry is quickly gaining an incredible reputation. Many studies have been conducted on this humble berry, and here are just some amazing things about the Acai Berry that these studies have found out: