Phentaslim is a popular diet supplement that is used as a phentermine alternative. Phentermine is an FDA approved drug prescribed to treat acute cases of obesity. Therefore, it is not available to others who are just looking to shed a few kilos.

However, drugs with similar properties have been developed.

These phentermine alternatives can also suppress hunger, and increase metabolic rates.

Both these properties are crucial for weight loss. Because Phentaslim is one such drug, it too exhibits these desirable properties for reducing weight.

Phentaslim primarily

  • Intensifies the fat burning process in the body leaving the person with a slimmer and sexier body;
  • Relocates fats and reduces hunger;
  • Makes the person feel energetic;
  • Improves the metabolic activity;
  • In general improves cognitive functions and makes the mind more focused.

Body slimming action by Phentaslim

The main ingredients in Phentaslim can be broadly divided into three different categories. These are:

  • Minerals and vitamins

This supplement offers zinc and magnesium. Lack of zinc in the body increases the body’s propensity to store fat. Therefore, zinc is an important mineral for preventing excessive fat storage. Magnesium also has a role to play in fat loss, especially near the belly. In so far as vitamins are concerned, this supplement has all the B vitamins. However, the ratio of B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12 are considerably higher than in other B vitamins. These vitamins play a crucial role in metabolic reactions, especially in converting fat and carbohydrates into energy.

  • Amino acids

Three important amino acids forming part of phentaslim are L Carnitine, L Theanine, and L Tyrosine. Of these, L Carnitine plays a crucial role as a transporter of fat to mitochondria, where it is burnt. The reactions from L Theanine and L Tyrosine are indirect. These amino acids reduce stress; rather the bad effects of such stress by making the person relax. L Tyrosine behaves like neurotransmitter’s precursor. Scientifically, stress has been found to be one of the reasons for a person feeling lethargic, and gaining weight. Effectively, L Tyrosine reduces fat accumulation that happens because of stress.

  • Fat burning mechanism and metabolism

There are many ingredients in Phentaslim which burn fat and improve metabolism. The list of such ingredients includes some exotic ingredients like guarana seeds, which are obtained from the rainforests in the Amazon basin. These seeds are a rich source of caffeine which is now a universally accepted ingredient for slimming. This ingredient is also responsible for improved cognitive functions and alertness.

Apart from guarana seeds, Phentaslim includes extracts from green tea. This extract is a rich source of a special set of antioxidants, i.e., catechins. There are studies that suggest that these antioxidants are good for reducing fat in the body.

Cayenne is another compound known to be good for weight loss. It is also present in Phentaslim. Chilli peppers are used by the manufacturer to obtain this compound.

Cayenne is responsible for burning away some fat because of a process called thermogenesis. Usually, people have to work hard at the gym to lose that fat, but with the help of this ingredient, the process becomes faster.

Phentaslim also includes ketones that are obtained from raspberry. The root of Panax Ginseng yields another compound which makes people feel energetic. In addition to all these ingredients, there is the anhydrous caffeine as well.

All these ingredients are known to be conducive towards weight loss and making the person feel energetic.

Therefore, most of the pills used as supplements for slimming contain one or more of these ingredients. Phentaslim also includes other slimming compounds.

However, these are the main ingredients, and are, therefore, present in larger quantities when compared to the rest.

Why use Phentaslim

For starters, most of the ingredients in this slimming supplement are obtained from natural resources, because of which adverse reactions and side effects are almost nil.

The manufacturer, i.e., Optimum Nutra Inc., has still ensured that the ratio of ingredients is such that there are little or no side effects.

The facility of the manufacturer is also FDA approved, which inspires some confidence about the product.

Moreover, the manufacturer also does not make any tall claims, raising expectations about losing weight.

Phentaslim is sold as a supplement rather than a product that reduces weight. In other words, it improves the speed at which the fat is lost by other methods.

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