Maximum Slim Original Green Coffee is a slimming regime made available in coffee form.

It is said to be formulated with green coffee bean which remains one of the most famous weight loss compounds.

In case you are looking for natural herbal products that can help you to lose weight while improving your overall health, this product may be the answer.

Maximum Slim Original Green Coffee

Now don’t get your hopes up, we only said that because it claims to be effective on the label, but does Maximum Slim Original Green Coffee really hold true to that, let’s find out.

Introduction to Maximum Slim Original Green Coffee

Made by Maximum Slim LLC, the eco-friendly pharmaceutical company that is known for producing weight loss and health supplements.

Maximum Slim Original Green Coffee is said to be based on a natural blend of green coffee and natural herbal extracts.

This company assures that this very formula will preserve essential health benefits of unroasted green coffee beans which it products you with rich and natural coffee flavor.

Some of the claimed benefits of this product are stated as below:

  • Reduces Body Mass Index
  • Ignites Metabolic Rate for Helping to Shed the Fat
  • Improves Your Energy Levels
  • Detoxes and Cleans Your Body

The main ingredient is Chromium, Green Tea Leaf, and Ginseng Root Standardized, Caffeine, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Epigallocatechin, and others.

According to users, it has a smooth taste which can be compared to instant coffee available in the market.

The unique green coffee extract mixed with the blend of herbal extracts provides this brand a richer flavor. This makes the slimming coffee one of the best in the market.

How it Works

Maximum Slim Original Green Coffee claims it is patented with a powerful formula which consists of green coffee bean and natural herbal extracts.

This formula will increase your carbohydrate burn and metabolic rate.

Moving on to the story, the proprietary blend contains 45% chromogenic Acid which blocks Absorption of fats from Body, Ginseng on other hand helps you to maintain your Energy Levels this is added with heartleaf burning fat while it suppresses your appetite.


  • FAQ section is included on the official website
  • Made with Natural Herbal extracts
  • Promotes Healthy Eating Habits


  • Contains high levels of caffeine, which is not suitable for dieters
  • It can cause side effects like insomnia
  • No proven weight loss ingredients are used to make this product
  • Not recommended for anyone suffering from any health disorder

The Bottom Line

Today, most weight loss products are a bit bizarre. Despite how promising a weight loss regime seems, you have to be on your guard.

Check if the product contains any proven weight loss ingredients or not.

Maximum Slim Original Green Coffee doesn’t have any proven fat loss ingredients.

Therefore, it may not help you to lose weight at all. It does contain caffeine, and so does espresso but who drinks espresso to trim the fat.

So if you think this product can make a difference, sorry to burst your bubble because it won’t make a day’s difference.


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  1. Sherma Bartholomew
    Sherma Bartholomew says:

    Do not agree with your diagnosis in fact I started the product for almost two weeks and have already noticed a loss in body fat I cannot sayr exactly how much because I really did not do a before and after weight because I tried so many product and they never seemed to work so I just took my chances.however I look forward to the end of my thirty day has surpressed my appetite and allow me to feel fuller eating less food I have not suffered with sleep loss at all although I cannot have regular coffee later than 6am. So I’m thankful I have found something that works for me.

  2. Pattie
    Pattie says:

    I placed an order for Powerslim Garcinia Cambogia, and ordered the Forksolin and Green Coffee bean extract. I did this through Facebook. I received my order. since then I have received additional orders for the Garcinia Cambogia and Forksolin, one in January and one in March. I can’t find a phone number or e-mail….or any way to contact this HFPower company that keeps sending me these items. I’m not sure where they are pulling my payment from, so I can stop these monthly shipments. I’ve looked on-line, on Facebook, and on my PayPal account, but can’t find anything. If anyone has a phone number or an e-mail address I can use to contact these people, please let me know. Thank you.


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