A few months ago, I had the sudden urge to drop a few pounds and hence I went all guns blazing.

Acting as naïve as one can possibly imagine, I dropped all decent options and instead went looking for a weight loss supplement, shouting out loud, “Hey, come and make a fool out of me”.

I was raised with every stuffing my mouth whenever they had the chance to. Don’t know what to call it, love or frustration, and thus I was fat since I nada.

Back to the topic, I want out on the internet and saw this Girl Power supplement to lose weight.

At first look, I thought it was the “ultimate solution” to my problem, sorry I am sounding too harsh.
girl power weight loss supplement
You won’t be wrong to guess I am pissed off! I got this product, with researching any further and started to act on its instructions.

I changed my diet, started to get some exercise and take this supplement. I was hoping to lose enough weight to fit in two sizes smaller, all hopes that were doomed from the start.

The Big Day – Does Girl Power Weight Loss Supplement Work?

After two months of continuous use, I didn’t feel any change except for I was continuously sick.

Yes, this lord shiznit was never made for weight loss, except to make lazy and dumb witted gals like myself sick, which I deserve.

I am not saying these things are imprinted on the label but if you care to try this supplement for two months.

This is what you will get, frustration and pain. There is nothing this asshole good for nothing medication could do to me except for making things even worse.

My Senses Finally Came Knocking

Thank heaven I wasn’t hospitalized as many users of Girl Power were.

There aware a lot of health impacting ingredients added to it, but none were added for our beneficence, there were only added to make the label a bit worthy to read.

Once particular was HCA, this is claimed to help us lose weight whereas what it does and send you straight to a hospital bed.

Being the dumbass I was, I got lucky and never got involved in the case of liver failure and acute hepatitis just as many users of Girl Power.

After hearing this, I manned up and did some research on my own, I was damn shocked to find that this weight loss supplement, apart from failing on its claims had led to a few cases of acute liver inflammation and failure.

Carrying one, there was even a liver transplant thanks to the HCA in it.

After going through all this, there was one thing I was certain of. I will never come in touch with such ass-head weight loss products again, Girl Power.

It’s better to hit the gym and get laughed at for the first few days and steer clear of this good faggot neck products than to lie in bed just because you were fighting fat.

Opt for some healthier weight loss strategies.

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