Decaslim is one of the leading slimming supplements. It is available in the form of pills which are made from natural ingredients.

decaslim weight loss reviewThe reason for the popularity of this product could be that 10 of these naturally found ingredients are patented.

Therefore, it is unlikely that they would be found in other slimming products.

Decaslim is manufactured by Utah based Gadd Formulas LLC. According to the manufacturers, this product is about 400 times more effective in weight loss when compared with other slimming products in the market.

The 10 ingredients in Decaslim burn fat, improve metabolic activity, curb hunger, improve transportation of the nutrients, and prevent fat from being stored in the body.

Ingredients in Decaslim

The 10 major ingredients in Decaslim responsible for weight loss are:

  • 1. Extract from green tea: This extract has many beneficial properties for weight loss, including catechins and phytosomes. Unlike other products, Decaslim focuses on the properties of phytosome as well. Phytosomes improve the absorption of other compounds. In general, there is no dispute that green tea reduces weight.
  • 2. DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone: This improves sex life, and more calories are burnt in the process. In general, this steroid hormone has several other benefits as well, such as improving muscles, reducing age, improving thermogenesis in the body, so that fat is burnt down.
  • 3. Synephrine HCL: This is another ingredient that improves the speed at which fat is burnt. In fact, this ingredient has almost all the qualities needed in any slimming product, i.e., it is capable of improving the metabolic rate and bringing down hunger too.
  • 4. Capsaicin: This ingredient obtained from capsicum is known to reduce hunger, improve metabolism, and burn fat. All three properties help in weight reduction.
  • 5. Extracts of guggulsterone: Medically, this ingredient is used to lower cholesterol, and in general maintain the desired level of lipid profile. But this ingredient is also useful for pulling away fat from muscles without damaging them.
  • 6. Bioprene: Bioprene is a compound that is present abundantly in black pepper. It helps in improving the transportation of nutrients in the body. It also ensures that the properties of other ingredients are more pronounced. Therefore, it improves the overall efficiency of the product.
  • 7. Ketone extracts from raspberry: There is no denying that these ketones have antioxidant properties which prevent aging, and in turn, kick start a metabolic activity. Many slimming products have utilized this property of Raspberry ketones.
  • 8. FucoPure: This is not a common ingredient in slimming pills. This ingredient is obtained from Japanese seaweed, more specifically Wakame seaweed. There are studies on seaweeds revealing weight shedding attributable to this ingredient. But the ingredient also prevents storing of fats in a specific location, i.e., around the belly.
  • 9. Forslean: Basically, forslean is extracted from the roots of Coleus forskohlii. This product from Sabinsa Corporation has been studied for weight loss. Quite a few of those studies suggest that forslean helps to lose weight, and also prevents the regaining of that weight. This ingredient is therefore included for lasting effects of any weight loss regimen which is augmented by Decaslim pills.
  • 10. Thermodiamine: The Quinozole alkaloid in Decaslim is actually a thermodiamine also known as Evodiamine because it is extracted from a Chinese fruit called Evodia. This alkaloid prevents fats from being stored in the body. Simultaneously, it helps in processes that result in burning fat.


While extract from green tea is the main ingredient, other ingredients in the pill also help in weight loss.

The fact that Decaslim is a supplement and not a product that can independently bring down the weight of a person needs to be remembered.

Such supplements are only good as a catalyst to any weight loss regimen and can make the results more permanent depending upon the ingredients and the ratios of such ingredients.



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