This product is produced and distributed by HealthAid, a Health and Fitness Supplement Company.

It has been recently introduced, and it aims to help you lose weight via its known and potent ingredient.

Coffeeslim Capsules

So what makes it effective and safe? The product has been named CoffeeSlim because the main ingredient is Green Coffee Bean Extracts.

Green Coffee contains Chlorogenic Acid, which is clinically proven to slow down the release of glucose into the blood stream, this promotes weight loss.

Moreover, Green Coffee is one of the most preferred compounds in weight loss industry as it regulates fat absorption and maintains healthy metabolic rate.

This is why it’s found in many Thermogenic Supplements in Market.


Apart from the much advertised Green Coffee Bean Extract, the CoffeeSlim is also made up of N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Vegetarian Capsule Shell, Blueberry Extract, Chicory Root Extract, Cayenne Pepper, African Mango Extract, Raspberry Ketones, Chromium Chloride and others.

Almost every one of these ingredients are well known Thermogenic Agents while others help to boost your energy and curb appetite.

How CoffeeSlim helps you to Lose Weight

As we have mentioned earlier, this product primarily consists of Green Tea Extract. However, this product consists ta supporting cast which is detailed below!

While Green Tea Extract is well known for producing excellent weight loss effects, the Raspberry Ketones promotes metabolism and helps to break down fat cells right from the start and prevents the fat accumulation in fatty areas.

Green Tea is yet another stimulant which is full of antioxidants. It helps for fat oxidation and glucose metabolism.

The African Mango Extract promotes its Leptin Content, which as a type of protein hormone which improves your Metabolic Rate and stimulates weight loss instead of weight gain.

Health Issues

The company remains cleverly transparent as it provides you with precautionary guidelines that CoffeeSlim is not made for people who are allergic to stimulants, for instance, Caffeine.

Although the side effects can occur based on the body’s reaction, so it will be best to avoid the caffeine based pulls and prevent any possible side effects.

With the fact it’s a newly introduced diet regime, there are not many testimonials about it.

Yes, there is no reported case of side effects or inefficacy which is published online. This questions the reliability of this product.


Overall, CoffeeSlim is a promising pill which promotes weight loss with its natural ingredients. It also has its fair share of explanation and real testimonials.

The problem is, company claims are not well explained, and most of the base on what the ingredients are capable of doing.
Adding up, we would also love to see a bit more reviews for this brand. At this time, the company is transparent about the possible side effects which are expected from its stimulant content.

CoffeeSlim deserves to be ranked higher but with the lack of details about its efficiency, it’s just moderately credible.

Yes if you are looking for a quick change, you should search and try something else, something that has been tried and tested.

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