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The well-known and highly respected nutraceutical company, Wolfson Berg, has launched an exciting new workout supplement called Blackwolf.

Blackwolf is a range of powerful, high quality, all-in-one workout supplements that have been formulated by the nutritional scientists at Wolfson Berg to bring the maximum gains without the need for taking lots of different powders and pills.

Blackwolf simplifies the whole process of supplementing an athlete’s diet, leaving the athlete to concentrate on the more important task working out, rather than on which pill or supplement they should take next.

Blackwolf, which was formulated in consultation with specialist sports nutritionists and experienced supplement formulators, comes in the form of a series of three balanced formulas designed specifically to maximize results.

There is a series of supplements tailored specifically for men and a series tailored for women. All the supplements in the Blackwolf range are based on the Blackwolf Power Blend, which has been optimized for pre-workout, intra-workout and post-workout.

The supplements are 100% natural and are designed to provide the fuel that the body needs to obtain optimum performance and to gain maximum results.

The individual pre, intra, and post workout Blackwolf supplements will produce impressive results on their own, but the maximum benefit is to be gained by using them in collaboration. To make that an easier and more cost effective proposition, Blackwolf workout supplements can be purchased in packs; one tailored for men and one tailored for women.

Blackwolf Hunter Pack for Men

The Blackwolf Hunter Pack for men brings together the 3 all-in-one pre, intra, and post workout supplements for men in one stack. Designed specifically to meet the nutritional needs of men, the Blackwolf Hunter Pack is formulated to provide lean muscle mass gain, improve endurance, and promote fast recovery.

Blackwolf Track

Blackwolf Track is the pre-workout supplement that is designed to give you the energy and the stamina that is needed to maximize the benefits of a hard workout. The supplement contains more than 20 active ingredients, including BCAAs, creatine, and protein mixes. It’s a comprehensive pre-workout supplement designed specifically to get you ready for, and push you through, a tough productive workout.

Blackwolf Hunt

Blackwolf Hunt is men’s intra-workout supplement formatted to reduce fatigue and increase speed, strength and endurance.  The supplement contains carbs, BCAAs, vitamins and minerals and amino acids, which will help maintain performance right the way through a long workout and reduces the chance of you hitting a plateau.

Blackwolf Eliminate

Blackwolf Eliminate is a post-workout supplement that is designed to speed up the recovery process and repair the body fast. The formula has been precisely engineered to provide the body with the exact nutrients it needs to recover quickly. The all-in-one supplement contains over 20 active ingredients that will help repair and build muscles after a strenuous workout and have you back to peak performance levels faster than ever before.

Blackwolf Huntress Pack for Women


Blackwolf Huntress is a workout supplement stack designed especially to meet the nutritional needs of women. Based on the Blackwolf Power Blend formula, each of the three supplements in the pack has been designed to deliver the right balance of nutrients to the body pre, intra and post workout.

Blackwolf Trail

Blackwolf Trail is a pre-workout supplement that has been formulated specifically for women. The supplement contains over 20 ingredients, including antioxidants, which will provide the energy, focus and stamina that are needed for a workout.

Blackwolf Hunt

Blackwolf Hunt is the intra-workout supplement in the Blackwolf Huntress Pack for Women. This supplement is designed to provide sustained energy throughout a workout and it contains a powerful blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbs and BCAAs. It’s an all-in-one formula that is designed to provide the perfect balance of nutrients to reduce fatigue and to enable you to maintain the pace throughout a long workout.

Blackwolf Eliminate

Blackwolf Eliminate is an advanced formula post-workout supplement that is designed to speed up the recovery process after a long workout and to help build and repair muscles. The all-in-one supplement provides all the nutrients that body needs to recover after a workout, and it comes in the form of one, convenient drink mix.

Blackwolf Power Blend Workout Supplement

Black wolf workout supplements have been designed to perfectly complement one another to provide an all-in-one supplement for pre, intra and post workout.

The development team at Wolfson Berg designed Blackwolf Workout with the express aim of eliminating the need for many different supplements at each of the different stages of a workout while providing an advanced formula that meets all your workout nutritional needs in just three, targeted and convenient to take all-in-one supplements.

Blackwolf has been scientifically formulated to provide optimum results. The supplements contain a balanced mix of BCAAs for gaining muscle mass, L-valine, L-leucine, and L-isoleucine to aid muscle repair and growth, and creatine monohydrate to improve performance.

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Blackwolf also contains many of the ingredients that you would usually find energy drinks, so it can help you work out harder and work out for longer.

All that, plus selenium, zinc and whey protein isolate, quite probably makes Blackwolf Workout Supplements that most complete and effective all-in-one workout supplement on the market today.

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